UA LP 127 (LP)
Released 1974
John Lee Hooker's Detroit

Anybody seen my baby   (Alt. Take,  1951)
Black cat blues   (Alt. Take,  1949)
Boogie chillen 2   (Take 3 ??,  1950)
Boogie chillen'   (Alt. Take,  1948)
Crawlin' king snake   (Alt. Take,  1948)
Deep down in my heart   (1961)
Do my baby think of me   (Alt. Take,  1950)
Don't you remember me   (1950)
Fire at Natchez   (1961)
Give me your phone number   (1950)
Grinder man   (Alt. Take,  1950)
Hobo blues   (Alt. Take,  1948)
Hoogie boogie   (Alt. Take,  1949)
How can you do it   (1951)
I come to you baby   (1952)
I'm in the mood   (Version 3,  1951)
John Lee's house rent boogie   (1950)
Left my wife and my baby   (1961)
Let your daddy ride   (1950)
Mad with you baby   (1961)
Mojo hand   (1961)
No friend around   (1949)
No mortage on my soul   (1950)
Nobody to talk to me   (1950)
Playin' the races   (Alt. Take,  1949)
Reach my goal   (Alt. Take,  1951)
Sally May   (1948)
Shake it up and go   (1961)
She left me by myself   (1950)
Someone to love   (Take 1,  1952)
Someone to love   (Take 2,  1952)
Sometime   (1949)
Strike blues   (Alt. Take,  1950)
The story of a married woman   (Alt. Take,  1950)
Travelin' day and night   (1961)
Wednesday evening   (1950)
Weeping willow boogie   (Alt. Take,  1949)
Whistlin' and moanin' blues   (1949)
Women in my life   (Alt. Take,  1951)

3-LP Includes both double- and triple-tracked versions of I'm in the mood