Released 1989
40th Anniversary Album

Ballad to Abraham Lincoln   (1961)
Bluebird blues   (1952)
Boogie chillen'   (1948)
Do my baby think of me   (1950)
Don't you remember me   (Alt. Take,  1950)
How can you do it   (1951)
I got eyes for you   (1952)
I'm in the mood   (Version 4,  1951)
It hurts me so   (1952)
John Lee's house rent boogie   (1950)
Key to the highway   (1952)
Let's talk it over   (1954)
Reach my goal   (1951)
Turn over a new leaf   (1951)
Women in my life   (Alt. Take,  1951)

Most of the titles on this release are retitled and statet as 'Prev. Unreleased'. This is not correct. I'm in the mood and Key to the highway are without overdub.