Fantasy FCD-7714-2 (CD)
Released 2002
Live At Sugar Hill Vol.2

Bottle up and go   (1962)
Catfish blues   (1962)
Come back baby (Let's talk it over)   (1962)
Crawlin' king snake   (1962)
Five long years   (1962)
How can you do it   (1962)
I cant hold on   (1962)
I love no one but my baby   (1962)
Jelly jelly   (1962)
Let's get it   (1962)
Sinner's prayer   (1962)
Taxi driver   (1962)
That's all right   (1962)
The things I used to do   (1962)
Third degree   (1962)
What'd I say   (1962)
What's the matter baby   (1962)
You don't miss your water   (1962)
You torture my soul   (1962)