Fantasy LP 24706 (LP)
Released 1972
Boogie Chillun

Boogie chillun   (1962)
Cruel little baby   (1962)
Driftin' and driftin'   (1962)
I can't hold on   (1962)
I got the key to the highway   (1962)
I love to see you walking   (1962)
I need some money   (1962)
I want to get married   (1962)
I was standing by the wayside   (1962)
I'm gonna keep on walking   (1962)
It's you I love, baby   (1962)
Matchbox   (1962)
Night time is the right time   (1962)
Run on babe   (1962)
TB is killing me   (1962)
This world   (1962)
You been dealin' with the devil   (1962)
You don't move me baby   (1962)
You gonna miss me   (1962)
You're nice and kind to me Lou Della   (1962)