Collage: d) Sally Mae
The Record Plant, Sausalito May 23, 1974

ABC LP 838   (LP)

John Lee Hooker, vocal and guitar; Greg Adams, trumpet; Mic Gillette, trumpet and trombone; Emilio Castillo and Lenny Pickett, tenor saxophone; Steve Kupka, baritone saxophone; Robert Hooker, fender rhodes electric piano; Boyd Albritton, slide guitar; Jim Caroompas, guitar; Skip Olson, bass; Ken Swank, drums

(You'll Never Amount to Anything if You Don't Go to) COLLAGE (A Fortuitous Concatenation of Events): a) I know how to rock b) Nothin' but the best c) The scratch d) Sally Mae

Issued on:
ABC LP 838 ( LP ),   BeatGoesOn BGOCD 123 ( CD ),